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Learning by Leading Winter 2021 Recruitment

Four Learning by Leading™ internship programs are recruiting for Winter 2021

Applications are due by November 22. Read more about the Learning by Leading program and apply for the individual internships via the links below.

Image of GATEways Outreach EventGATEways Outreach

Collaborating with other Learning by Leading interns, community members and UC Davis partners, GATEways Outreach interns will learn how to create and implement large-scale, meaningful virtual events that focus on promoting wellness through Nature Rx. (The United States Department of Agriculture describes Nature Rx as "programs [that] promote outdoor activity as a measure to combat health epidemics stemming from sedentary lifestyles.") We are seeking students who are enthusiastic about sharing their love of nature with the UC Davis community via multiple types of remote platforms, including social media and Zoom! Learn more and apply.

Image of habitat horticulture intern.Habitat Horticulture

Learn about native and drought-tolerant landscapes that support habitat for pollinators and other local wildlife. Join us for weekly virtual meetings and outdoor self-guided iNaturalist projects! Our team will also pilot “Potted Plants for Pollinators.” This project can provide more opportunities for our community to interact with the Arboretum and Public Garden at home while supporting urban biodiversity! Learn more and apply.

Image of Waterway Stewardship interns.Waterway Stewardship

Learn about the Arboretum Waterway’s multiple benefits including storm water management, native riparian habitat and public open space. Participate in weekly team meetings via Zoom to develop projects that explore water quality, create connections to nature, and support research and community education. Learn more and apply.

Image of Urban Tree Stewardship intern.Urban Tree Stewardship

Students will learn to understand climate adaptation in urban forestry and gain opportunities to explore and improve the surrounding urban canopy while working with a virtual team and campus partners to support research, public education and campus planning. Together we can nurture and grow appreciation for trees. Learn more and apply.