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McBride Family Legacy Lives On

A picture of Don McBride.

Don McBride likes digging in the dirt... and giving back to his community. Those interests have led to his passion for volunteering with and supporting the Arboretum and Public Garden!

Don’s yearning to connect with nature is in his blood. His family has deep roots in the Davis community, dating back to his great grandfather who arrived in 1850 during the gold rush and subsequent generations who farmed livestock or crops. Family connections with campus are also strong: Don and 14 of his family members have graduated from UC Davis!

Don didn’t live in Davis growing up but visited family in town for Picnic Day each year. Then, he came to UC Davis to study math. During his undergraduate years, Don (’66) recalls: “The Arboretum looked nothing like what it does today. There were no trails and I volunteered for student work days clearing trash to make a picnic area.”

A career drew Don to the east coast for 45 years, but he relocated to Davis recently to be close to family. He happily rediscovered the Arboretum and Public Garden and quickly signed up to volunteer on one of the weekly gardening teams. Don has also added the Arboretum and Public Garden as a beneficiary in his estate plan so he can help ensure the future of a place he loves so much and inspire others to support it, too.

Don’s wish is that everyone can use and appreciate the Arboretum as a special place to walk in nature right in the heart of our community.