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Nature Rx

A Helping Hand: Health and Well Being Benefits

A Helping Hand: Health & Wellbeing Trees have been proven to enhance physical and mental health and even advance our cognition. In fact, the term "forest-bathing" was coined to refer to how the simple act of being in the presence of nature has many benefits. Physical Health

While forest bathing is traditionally done in remote, wooded areas, it can also include simple activities like eating outdoors or looking at trees through your window.

A New Era of Nature Rx

Fri, April 09, 2021
If you Google things to do in Davis, it’s not surprising to find that time and again the Arboretum and Public Garden is at the very top of the list. With the well-being of our community in mind, we have been broadening and expanding the reach of Nature Rx, a theme of programming that aims to connect the campus and local communities to the healing power of nature.

Nature Rx Network Symposium: Transforming Campus Life by Embracing Nature

Mon, November 02, 2020

The 2020 Campus Nature Rx Symposium was hosted by Cornell University, in Ithaca, NY on October 23, 2020.

The UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden Nature Rx program was presented by Haven Kiers, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, Department of Human Ecology and Stacey Parker, GATEways Horticulturist, UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden during this free-one day virtual symposium. Kiers and Parker shared lessons learned, including best practices, for connecting students to campus nature for their health and wellbeing, particularly during a pandemic. 

Take A Break With Our Mindfulness Videos

Thu, August 20, 2020
Feeling overwhelmed? Take a break and ground yourself in nature from home, with our new Mindfulness Video Series.

Get Your Prescription Filled Right Here!

Fri, July 17, 2020
The Arboretum and Public Garden has partnered with Yolo Healthy Parks Healthy People to deliver on the shared mission of healing through nature.