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Texas Trees Trial Research Project

Texas Trees Trial

As climate change becomes a more urgent issue and global temperatures continue to rise, 58% of our current urban tree species are predicted to be to be unsuitable for the projected 2100 climate in the Sacramento Valley region (McBride & Lacán, 2018). To prepare for this monumental loss, the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden is working to establish a more resilient and climate-adapted tree canopy.

Nature’s Niche: Environmental Benefits of Trees

Nature’s Niche: Environmental Benefits of Trees Trees provide a variety of environmental services in urban areas by housing wildlife, reducing stormwater runoff, mitigating the urban heat island effect, and improving urban air quality. Home Sweet Tree

Trees are essential habitats for many familiar types of animals, including insects, birds, mammals and many more.

Branching Out: Community and Social Benefits

Branching Out: Community & Social Benefits

In natural and urban settings alike, we might find ourselves stopping to admire a tree for its beauty, rest in its shade, or appreciate its seasoned years. Yet to truly understand how trees enhance our environment, we must consider how they support our way of life—our active lifestyles, social connections, public spaces—and how these social benefits positively impact our communities.

A Helping Hand: Health and Well Being Benefits

A Helping Hand: Health & Wellbeing Trees have been proven to enhance physical and mental health and even advance our cognition. In fact, the term "forest-bathing" was coined to refer to how the simple act of being in the presence of nature has many benefits. Physical Health

While forest bathing is traditionally done in remote, wooded areas, it can also include simple activities like eating outdoors or looking at trees through your window.

Urban Tree Stewardship

Urban Tree Stewardship Staff Mentors

Emily Griswold
Director of GATEways Horticulture
and Teaching Gardens
Email  |  (530) 754-8038

Abbey Hart
Nursery Special Projects Manager
Email  |  (530) 754-8337

Demystifying Myrtles: Pruning Lagerstroemia

Fri, February 21, 2020

By Taylor Lewis, nursery manager

Months of color, drought-tolerant, Valley-appropriate, fast-growing, easy-care — these traits are a few reasons that crape myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica), and their many cultivars, have become one of the most widely used home landscape, commercial, parking lot, median strip, landscape trees in the Sacramento Valley. So, what’s the mystery?

Nursery Special Projects: All About Trees

Tue, September 24, 2019

By Abbey Hart, Nursery Special Projects Manager

You know about the Arboretum Teaching Nursery’s Plant Sales, but did you know the nursery team has myriad other special projects going on behind the scenes? Here are a few highlights of some current projects focused on growing novel trees for the Arboretum and Public Garden and the broader community. 

Preserving the History of Capitol Park's Civil War-Era Trees

Thu, April 25, 2019
In an effort to save part of this living history, two UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden staff members are going the extra mile to propagate the boxelder, as well as many other species in Capitol Park that suffered during the recent drought.